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CBD Beauty Molecule 001

CBD Beauty Molecule 001

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Aqueous extract of olive extract (olea europea), apple juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, black currant juice concentrate, elderberry juice concentrate, sodium hyaluronate, aqueous cannabidiol solution, hydroxytyrosol, zinc citrate, camu camu, carcumin extract, D-biotin, preservative: sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.


In the LA Dope Beauty Molecule, hyaluronic and cannabidiol combine for the first time to form a unique beauty synergy, which is based on LA Dope‘s own unique anti-wrinkle active complex. The holism is of the utmost importance in the creation of our recipes. This is the only way a multitude of plant substances can exert their effects beyond the individual active ingredients and further increase bioavailability. The super antioxidant hydroxytyrosol offers perfect cell protection, while cannabidiol ensures the best possible availability of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the cells.  The result is a radiantly beautiful and even complexion.


For the best possible results and the maximum increase in the hyaluronic acid content, each 17.5 ml Beauty Shot contains at least 6.3 mg hydroxytyrosol for ideal protection against oxidative stress (a study by the ESFA states that the daily intake of 5.3 mg hydroxytyrosol is perfect protection of the cells against oxidative stress), and each bottle has a fabulous 200 mg hyaluronic and 1000 mg aqueous cannabidiol.  For optimal results, the 200 mg hyaluronic is divided into 50% high and 50% low molecular hyaluronic.  The result of intake is radiant, fresh, tight, rosy, fine-pored and youthful skin, thanks to a LA Dope-own Beauty Plump Effect. Dope your wrinkles from within...for beauty that comes from the inside and shines outwards.


LA Dope‘s own low and high molecular hyaluronic acid is obtained through bio-fermentation and dissolved in cannabidiol in a special process.  Due to its low and high molecular structure, the hyaluronic acid can be metabolized as best as possible, which is reflected in the LA Dope plump effect. Like all LA Dope products, the LA Dope Beauty Elixir is not based on water, but on the highly antioxidative cell elixir of the olive leaf.


One measuring cup 17.5 ml in the morning or between meals. Do not exceed the specified daily intake. Recommended use for the duration of at least 6 -10 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Miller
Love the products

Love love love them!!!

Ich bin ein Fan....

Ich habe bereits die Beauty-Drinks "Fountain" und "Molecule" im Kühlschrank und war denoch neugierig auch auf diese Variante mit CBD. Was soll ich sagen? Ich bin auch hiervon sehr begeistert u.- habe wieder direkt eine neue Flasche im SummerSale bestellt. Meine Haut (Gesicht u.- auch am Körper) ist absolut nicht mehr trocken und spannt gar nicht mehr seit ich diese Beautydrinks trinke. Insgesamt hat man deutlich das Gefühl das es einem gut tut u.- man sieht es auch am Erscheinungsbild der Haut. Meine Cellulite an den Oberschenkeln und am Po hat sich deutlich sichtbar verringert seit der Einnahme der Drinks in Kombination! Ich bin wirklich ein Fan - auch von dieser Variation mit CBD. Eine Empfehlung kann ich daher sehr guten Gewissens aussprechen!!!!

Sandra Borges
Sandra Borges

Super Produkte,super Design, super Service

Janine Hoppe
Richtig toll!

Ich bin super zufrieden! Fühle mich viel besser und bin innerlich ruhiger geworden. Danke für dieses tolle Produkt!

tom lom