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I69 Mouth Oil Cure Balancing Lavender


Balancing Lavender Mouth Oil Cure

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Olive Tree Therapy - the mediterranean answer to Ayurveda.
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Give balance and detoxify your body, mind and soul - in just 12 Minutes a day! The fine arbequina oil binds contaminants that have accumulated overnight in the mouth; freeing both it and the body of these. Bleeding gums and oral plaque on the teeth and tongue are reduced and hey quickly comes back into balance. After 2-3 weeks of use, the general complexion glows rosy-fresh and pores are finer. In addition, the fat-metabolism is stimulated and improved, provenly lowering cholesterol levels. The teeth regain their natural white and begin to shine again. The unique interplay between olive polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol oleuropein combined with balancing lavender extracts, come together to create a perfect synergy.


Take a tablespoon in the mouth for 8-12 minutes daily before brushing your teeth, and move the oil between your teeth and on the palate. It has to be constantly moving. After 8-12 minutes, expel the oil into a tissue and discard. Ideally, it is combined with body and facial oils, mask and serum and face cream. All together, this is already a proper little Olive Tree Therapy at Home.


olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, aroma, linalool*, limonene* (*natural ingredients from essential oils)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I am thrilled

I have been using the mouth oil cure for a week now and I love it. Due to various medications I currently have a very weak immune system and for weeks somehow always a slight sore throat. Since I regularly use the mouth oil cure, the sore throat is gone. It is easy to incorporate into the morning routine.

Laurus T.
Really perfect

I had ordered the mouth oil cure to whiten my teeth through my coffee consumption. And and behold it works wonderfully. But helps not only to get whiter teeth, but also for purification. The body and mucous membranes are exposed to so many pollutants every day, here the mouth oil cure helps perfectly.

Wow… So eine gute Qualität

Ich habe das Mundziehöl I69 getestet, da ich viel Tee und Kaffee trinke. Gerade dadurch merkt man trotz intensiver Zahnpflege immer ein gewisses Unwohlsein im Mund. Durch das Mundziehöl habe ich schon nach wenigen Tagen gemerkt, dass im Mund weniger gereizt ist und man auf Kälte oder saure Säfte etc. weniger reagiert. Es ist anfangs sehr ungewohnt, doch man gewöhnt sich mit der Zeit daran. Vor allem, wenn man Fortschritte sieht, fällt es einem umso leichter. Generell habe ich ein besseres Wohlbefinden im Mund. Ich freue mich echt über die Qualität der Produkte und bin davon überzeugt.