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Olive Mush


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A coffee alternative consisting of 100% olive leaf/hydroxytyrosol, organic cacao, mediterranean herbs and functional mushrooms.
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Fuel for the Senses and Soul.

OliveMush, a delectable natural product that can be infused into a wide range of beverages, whether served hot or cold. With its irresistibly delicious flavor, OliveMush provides a 100% natural power-packed experience to satisfy every palate.

A coffee alternative consisting of 100% olive leaf / hydroxytyrosol, organic cacao, mediterranean herbs and functional mushrooms. Without caffeine found in coffee, you get energy, focus and immune support without the jitters, crash or poor sleep.

Introducing a delightful alternative to your morning coffee ritual, this natural product is a refreshing and invigorating way to start your day. Crafted from carefully selected ingredients, it provides a gentle boost of energy and a rich, satisfying flavor. With its smooth and aromatic profile, it‘s the perfect choice for those seeking a natural and wholesome morning beverage.


Organic Olive Leaf Mushroom Blend (Olive Leaf, Hydroxytyrosol, Oleuropein, Reishi, Chaga, Lion‘s Mane, Cordyceps) Organic Cacao, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg, Organic Black Pepper, Turmeric, Chili.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
E Rico
Super good!

I have replaced coffee for olive mush. I got to say that my gut takes it much smoother. And the flavor is amazing. Hot or cold still good.
Totally recommend.

Please bring back Olive Mush

I have never checked a site so many times a day for so many days to look for a product to come back in stock! It's a testament to how much I LOVE Olive Mush.
As proof that it was as good as I thought, when I ran out, I went back to drinking a tiny bit of coffee a day and my sleep was horrible!
Hot flashes returned and I was jittery for hours! And my brain fog returned.
But when drinking Olive Mush every morning, I was having no caffeine induced hot flashes and my bowels were regular.
I was more focused and the brain fog of menopause was fading.
Also it simply tastes wonderful! So comforting to sip on all morning in my warmed oat milk.
I'll be subscribing to it this time around so I never have to be without.

Betsy Miller
Oliveda Consultant

WOW! From the second I opened my Olive Mush I knew I would love it. Then I mixed 1 + 1/2 TBSP to warm unsweetened Almond milk. Deeeelish!

Lori Flynn

I love Olive Mush. I heat up my water, add a teaspoon along with a teaspoon of Vanilla Orgain Protein Powder and boom, I have a Chai Latte. I highly recommend.

Olive Mush WOW!

Just tired my first cup. This is so tasty. I mixed with warm unsweetened almond milk and did not add sweetener. Very tasty!