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You don't know where to start?

welcome to olive tree sound bath

















322641, 409041, 236241, 495441, 149841, 63441,


[322641,Reduce anxiety and stress 432 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 26 / 24,stress-and-concentration-417-hz-olive-tree-frequency], [409041,Stronger physically and mentally 174 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 27 / 24,communication-and-love-639-hz-olive-tree-frequency-1], [236241,Improve focus for the week 528 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 25 / 24,communication-and-love-639-hz-olive-tree-frequency], [495441,Positive energy and love 639 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 28 / 24,communication-and-love-639-hz-olive-tree-frequency-2], [149841,Power to your goals 396 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 24 / 24,gives-power-to-your-goals-396-hz-olive-tree-frequency], [63441,Regeneration and relaxation 285 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 23 / 24,nurture-harmonious-relationships-639-hz-olive-tree-frequency], [-22959,Create a harmonious environment 417 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 22 / 24,remove-negative-energy-417-hz-olive-tree-frequency]




Create a harmonious environment 417 Hz olive tree frequency 06 / 22 / 24

12:00 pm PST (45 minutes)

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The way to your inner balance

Let us guide you through the olive tree meditation.

Hear and feel the healing and balancing sounds of the olive trees

Let our olive tree meditation coach guide you through meditation

Connect with your nature and find your center

YES, i want to find my center

Our mountain olive trees are meditating, living beings with the power to lead us back to the core of ourselves.

With a global and unique green tech process, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE transports the energy frequency and primeval information of our milenial mountain olive trees to people all over the world.

24/7 in real time

The sound of the olive tree today 22.06.2024

From chronic overload to the natural & vital primal state

ReConnect with your own nature.

Olive Tree Meditation is like coming home and a new generation of mindfulness and meditation practice with the real-time 432Hz healing sounds of our mountain olive trees. They are meditating, alive creatures with the power to guide us back to our center within. If you connect with them, your frequency and therefore your life will change.

Yes, I want to find to my nature

Research scientist Dr. Philip Callahan measured the frequency of the vibrational state of trees by placing a low-frequency measuring coil. He discovered that tree consciousness works up to 24 Hz, which means that it falls within the spectrum of human consciousness. When he noticed that a human had sent unconditional love to a tree, he discovered that the consciousness of both the human and the tree was out of phase – meaning that a connection was taking place.
This experiment and all research at Damanhur University in Italy and the University of Florence show, both conventionally and scientifically, that we can communicate with trees.

Your uniquness is your magic

ReConnect with your unique nature to live the strongest version of yourself.

If you change your frequency, you change your life. The olive tree meditation is a thousand years old, highly efficient and successful method to connect with one's own nature and at the same time the fastest way to inner balance.

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We offer you the different olive tree frequencies on different days.

They are not preserved, i.e. recurring frequencies and sounds, but unique living frequencies that will not return in 10,000 years. They have the potential to touch us deeply in a unique way in order to reconnect with our uniqueness of our very own nature.

Monday: 396 Hz

Power to your goals, releases fear and guilt and negative thoughts and beliefs.

Tuesday: 528 Hz

Improve focus for the week concentration, cellular repair, and deep sleep.

Wednesday: 432 Hz

Reconnect with your own nature, reduce anxiety and stress and find calm and balance.

Thursday: 174 Hz

Stronger physically and mentally. Can relieve pain, stress and enhance concentration.

Friday: 639 Hz

Boost positive energy, relationships and love.

Saturday: 417 Hz

Create a positive and harmonious environment around you.

Sunday: 285 Hz

Regeneration an relaxation. Can help treat minor in the body.

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