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You don't know where to start?

welcome to olive tree sound bath

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We offer you the different olive tree frequencies on different days.

They are not preserved, i.e. recurring frequencies and sounds, but unique living frequencies that will not return in 10,000 years. They have the potential to touch us deeply in a unique way in order to reconnect with our uniqueness of our very own nature.

Monday: 396 Hz

Power to your goals, releases fear and guilt and negative thoughts and beliefs.

Tuesday: 528 Hz

Improve focus for the week concentration, cellular repair, and deep sleep.

Wednesday: 432 Hz

Reconnect with your own nature, reduce anxiety and stress and find calm and balance.

Thursday: 174 Hz

Stronger physically and mentally. Can relieve pain, stress and enhance concentration.

Friday: 639 Hz

Boost positive energy, relationships and love.

Saturday: 417 Hz

Create a positive and harmonious environment around you.

Sunday: 285 Hz

Regeneration an relaxation. Can help treat minor in the body.

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