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You don't know where to start?

Hear and feel
the healing and balancing
sounds of the olive trees
24/7 in real time

The sound of the olive tree today 22.06.2024

Trees are meditating, living
beings with the strength to guide us
back to our center.

If you change your frequency, you change your life.

olive tree people Dendrometer
on the olive tree

Since 1997, OLIVEDA’s founder Thomas Lommel has been dreaming of sharing his life-changing experience with the mountain olive trees with other people. This dream became a mission. In 2015, in collaboration with artists, university professors, bio-scientists, physicists and IT specialists, he started an extraordinary project - OLIVE TREE PEOPLE: he wanted to give the mountain olive trees a voice, making them audible and tangible, connecting us humans with them, in real time, 24/7.

In every OLIVEDA/OLIVE TREE PEOPLE store, the trees check-in every hour, on the hour, via our Big Olive re:connected to nature.

This is how the trees become the beauty life coach and naturopath for us humans. We humans, can only live outside the laws of nature for so long – until this disconnectedness manifests itself in symptoms. With the increase of lifestyle or civilization diseases, it is becoming more and more evident that holistic methods – holistic in- and outside beauty – deserve more attention, utilizing holistic measures in order to minimize the causes of this imbalance, thereby alleviating or even curing civilization diseases.

Back then, people always looked at me with big eyes when I told them that I could talk to my trees, that they were both beauty and life coaches but also naturopaths and wise advisers, at the same time. Today, it is the stuff that bestsellers are made of and what guarantees high talk show ratings.

Thomas Lommel

Thomas and his team during assembly
for the first test run, 2015

We know the vibrational wavelengths within which our brain operates, namely Beta (approx. 18-36 Hz), Alpha (approx. 18-7.5 Hz), Theta (7.5-3.25 Hz) and Delta waves (less than 3.25 Hz). Beta is our conceptual thinking capacity; Alpha is a slow, meditative state of mind, all the way down to Delta, which is deep sleep. These frequency levels are measured in Hertz or “cycles per second” and are a standard measurement. Perhaps you have heard of the “Schumann resonance”, the frequency of the earth's oscillation.

With the help of a low-frequency measuring coil, researcher Dr. Philip Callahan measured the frequency of the vibrational state of trees. He discovered that tree consciousness works up to 24 Hz, which means that it falls within the spectrum of human consciousness. When he noticed that a human had sent unconditional love to a tree, he discovered that the consciousness of both human and tree were phase-delayed - demonstrating that a connection had been made. This experiment and all research at Damanhur University in Italy and the University of Florence illustrate, on both a conventional and a scientific basis, that we can communicate with trees.

The consciousness of a tree and that of a person are very different on one level but alike on another. As humans, we tend to focus most of our energy and consciousness on what we can see with our own eyes and what we can communicate. A tree “sees” everything in its surroundings as a shape, a snapshot of every moment. It is synonymous with the perception of light, temperature, water, moisture, soil qualities, air qualities, etc.

The teachings or blessings we receive from trees are always what we need at that very moment. They are delivered to us in a way that we can understand them, always in a multidimensional framework that allows us to expand our consciousness through interaction.

It is a wonderful experience to communicate with a tree and also very easy. We just have to reach into our hearts, clear our minds and ask!