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You don't know where to start?

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The Future of Beauty is Waterless

We don't say that, but the world's leading research institutes and most renowned magazines such as Mintel, Vogue, Forbes, Haper’s Baazar and many more ...

... It’s Not a Trend, It’s a MovementMake it Yours!

Our Uniquiness –
The Difference

Did you know that every cream skincare product that has water as the first INCI contains about 70% water. We are the pioneers in waterless beauty and want to revolutionize the beauty industry with you.

Make it Yours!
The Opportunity

We are the future. Waterless skincare grows 140% faster than all conventional skincare including organic dr. brands etc. Make it yours and earn 25 and 35% of your customers' purchases.

Our Mission + 70% more potency

Our mission is to heal the world with the power of our mountain olive trees. Our largest organ, the skin, trees without wich life is not possible, and clean water for Africa. 70% more potency make it possible.

Olive Tree Family -
be a part

We will raise people's awareness and sensitize them to true self-love. It starts with our thoughts and what we put into our body inside and out.

Our cycle from tree to beauty

Our mission is to heal the world with the power of our mountain olive trees. For this, we take over large lands with wildly growing mountain olive trees, cultivate and eco-certify them. The mountain olive trees then supply the worldwide unique ‘Holistic Beauty Molecule’ hydroxytyrosol, which protects human cells perfectly (ESFA and FDA studies) and protect the cells of the trees up to 4,000 years. This globally unique Beauty Molecule, which is only found indigenously in our mountain olive trees, replaces 100% of the 70% water phase that is otherwise common in skin care products. The products are therefore 70% more efficient than those based on water.

The water that we do not use in our products we bring to the people in Africa by building water wells, last with the Maasai in the Kilimanjaro region, most recently in 2021. 2.5 billion people on our planet have no direct access to clean water.

From Tree to Beauty - Make it Yours

3 simple steps:

1. Enroll for $50

Your digital starter kit has everything you need to start your from tree to Beauty your Waterless Beauty Business. What’s included see below.

2. Select a Mentor

Your From Tree to Beauty Mentor will help you to build your Waterless Beauty Business. If you dont have jet a mentor we will help you to find the right one.

3. Shop (optional)

Start with our Starter Sets limited offers or shop anytime with 25% discount.

This is included when you enroll:

Your Personal

You earn when someone shops with you and you also can assist and communicate over your personal from tree to beauty website

Healing Olive Tree Sound Bath (real time)

Share the healing frequency with everyone for free. You will reach out and attract many people on this amazing and world wide unique way.

OliveBrain Regimen Builder

OliveBrain will help building your business and determines exactly the products your customers will need by analyzing millions of data points with their personal profile.

Waterless Beauty Training

Our online Training Platform and our support will help you to build your From Tree to Beauty Business.


Dashboard for managing your sales, marketing, your organization and your earnings.


We will support you with our experienced customer service team to reach our goals.

Our Uniqueness

We are leading a movement with our cycle from tree to beauty. Watch how we helped revolutionize the beauty industry.

Be a Waterless Beauty Entrepreneur

who inspires the world with our holistic cycle from tree to beauty.

Ditribute your Website

Share the products you really love and our world wide uniquness and the power of our healing olive tree sound bath to inspire the world.

500% more skin diseases

In the last 50 years. The link to the 95% Fillers (Water and refined oil). The Reason why waterless is growing 140% Faster. Be a waterless Beauty consultant and spread out what people have to know.

Olive Tree House Pop Up

Our first product was developed the treehouse also the olive tree therapy approved by conventional medicine. Share our amazing story with friends and guests in a wider social settings with products the healing olive tree sound bath.

Meet our community

We are powered by people. Our consultants community is united by the mission to heal the world with the power of our mountain olive trees and bring waterless beauty products into the hands of everyone with the opportunity to earn additional income along the way.

Chears to 84% Retention rate - become an Waterless Beauty Consultant and lets chance the industry together.

Watch the video

Meet Olivia

"I have been dealing with really bad acne and I tried everything from peeling pads and high intensity tretanoin I just couldn’t stop the breakouts. Its been 3 weeks since I started using this and I have seen a significant difference in my skin! Its started to clean up, the marks are fading and no new breakouts."

Watch the video
Meet Marta
"This products is amazing!! My skin feels so supple, and somehow feels exfoliated the day after using! I don’t know how they do it but I love it! I also think it smells so good!"

Watch the video
Meet Sophia
"Can’t get enough! Skin feels so soft and bouncy to touch right after the application, I can see my skin getting more radiant and plump day after day. I use it in combination with F63 cell active face oil serum and the duo is totally phenomenal!!"

Watch the video
Meet Isabella
"This is heaven on my skin! I have been using it twice a week for the last 2 weeks and my skin is so happy. I typically only use organic and plant based items on my skin since it's so sensitive and this really worked wonderfully. I adored how hydrated it left my skin after this month's winter dryness. Will gladly get again once this container is complete."

Watch the video
Meet Flora
"I am excited... The mask completely meets my expectations and my facial skin shines again. Just in winter I often have to fight with redness and dry patches. It is currently so, that my hormone balance is a little out of order and I have to fight increasingly with inflamed pimples. Through with the new mask, all these problems are 'wiped away' ... I have a beautiful skin without redness and irritation again."

Watch the video
Meet Della
“So, I have really long searched for a suitable cosmetic and tried a lot. But now finally also found. My skin has become much better, fewer pimples, less redness and no longer greasy! And the best my blue undermined eyes there is no more!!! Meanwhile, I could also convince my mom of Oliveda, she is also thrilled.”

Watch the video
Meet Zayla
“I am so happy to connect with a product so natural and connected to nature like myself finding balance with god and nature. The packaging was beautiful and the product book so helpful and the personalized note that came with my purchase just so touching. Never felt so so much care that has gone into a product ever.”

Watch the video
Meet Olivia
"I have been dealing with really bad acne and I tried everything from peeling pads and high intensity tretanoin I just couldn’t stop the breakouts. Its been 3 weeks since I started using this and I have seen a significant difference in my skin! Its started to clean up, the marks are fading and no new breakouts."

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Waterless Beauty Consultant?

Someone who has decided to become an Olive Tree People the Pioneer in Waterless Beauty and build a business as part of the World Wide Waterless Movement and selling our Waterless Products and/or building a Team.

How do I sign up to sell Waterless Beauty products?

Everyone who loves our products and our philosophy is welcome to become a consultant to revolutionize the beauty industry. You go to olivetreepeople join us and sign up now and become part of a global movement.

How much does it cost to become a Waterless Beauty Consultant?

The Olive Tree People Digital Kit costs $50 and includes access to ongoing Waterless product training, business training, business analysis, and digital marketing tools. In addition to your own website, you have the opportunity to share the Olive Tree Sound Bath with many people free of charge and to invite them to test OliveBRAin. This way you share your own website and earn with every purchase.

The Benefits of Becoming a Waterless Beauty Consultant?

As a consultant, you can earn up to 35% commission on sales to your clients. If you want to build a team as a Bertater, you earn money by mentoring and leading your teams. In addition, Olive Tree People offers exciting incentives such as trips to the tree house or to Africa to visit our wells and build more. You also get exclusive access to events that are by invitation only. As a special benefit, Consultants can purchase most of our products at a 25% discount.

Can I register with Olive Tree People as a Waterless Beauty Consultant if I am affiliated with another direct selling company or can I affiliate with other direct selling companies if I am already registered with Olive Tree people as a consultant?

You can, but you should read the registration policies and procedures carefully. As part of the agreement during registration, Consultants agree that they will not solicit other Olive Tree People Consultants to affiliate with other direct/social/distribution businesses.

How can I make money at Waterless Beauty Consultant?

As a consultant, you can earn money by sharing Olive Tree People with friends, family, acquaintances and everyone else in your sphere of influence, for example by drawing attention to the approx. 70% water in over 99% skincare products. Almost everyone has products in their bathroom where water and/or aqua are the first INCIs. You can also use our Healing Olive Tree Soundbaeder to generate new contacts and Olive Brain to offer free analysis.

Advisors can earn up to 35% commission on the sales credited to them. Consultants also earn additional income from successfully mentoring and leading a team.

What happens after I have registered as a Waterless Beauty Consultant?

As soon as your consultant application has been accepted by us, we will confirm this by email. Your mentor will also be notified that you have joined the team. You will then also get access to the consultant back office. There you will find further information on the topic of training products and other special offers that are made available to our new consultants.

Do I have to buy products or do I have to keep inventory?

Of course not! there are no minimum order quantities or inventory requirements. Sales can be placed directly with Olive Tree People and shipped from our warehouse to the customer or partner.

If you buy Olive Tree People products to pass on your experiences, you should decide to buy a selection of products. Our starter sets are available at special preferential conditions at the time of your registration. Olive Tree People also offers a 365-day risk-free return policy.

Can I determine the quantities of products myself each month?

In order to advance as Consultants and earn volume on the team, sales to clients and members are expected and monthly volume targets apply. Joining Olive Tree People as a consultant is a special affiliation for those who intend to share our brand and mission with others by selling our products.

What can I do if I realize that Waterless Beauty Consultant is not right for me?

we support you even if your personal situation should change. If, after enrolling, you feel that an Olive Tree People is not right for you, please do not hesitate to share your concerns with your mentor. If you wish to end your time as a consultant, please contact our support team. Contact information can be found on the Contact page.

Can Olive Tree People Water Beauty Consultants sell on online sales Platforms like eBay or amazon?

Independent Waterless Beauty Consultants sell products exclusively through their personal Olive Tree People website or in person. Olive Tree People has a zero tolerance policy for anyone selling products through online sales platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Independent Consultants selling products on unauthorized websites will have their contract immediately suspended and their account eventually terminated. Third party websites claiming to sell Olive Tree People products are not affiliated with our company and are not authorized resellers of our products. Products sold through these websites are diverted and therefore may be watered down, expired, out of date or counterfeit. In addition, these products may have been previously used and may not be safe to use or perform as tested. Olive Tree People is unable to provide product warranties and process product returns for purchases made through unauthorized resellers including Amazon, eBay, Makeup Alley, Beauty Story Depot, Varagesales, Google Shopping, Skincare Korner, TaoBao, Yahoo Shopping, Poshmark, Allegro, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Alibaba just to name a few.

Is Olive Tree People a pyramid scheme?

No! The Olive Tree People Compensation Plan is not a Ponzi scheme; It is a standard legal sales strategy that pays commissions to independent Olive Tree People consultants who sell products to customers and manages other team members who do the same. Olive Tree People does not pay commissions just for recruiting other distributors, only when products are sold. Similar compensation structures are implemented by the vast majority of direct selling companies. Conversely, a pyramid scheme is illegal and Olive Tree People does not operate such a scheme. We also pride ourselves on actively training our independent consultants on compliance with our policies and procedures.


Olive Tree people US is a social marketing company that sells products through a network of independent Olive Tree people consultants called Waterless Beauty Consultants. Each Olive Tree People Independent Consultant has a personal online shopping website that can be sent directly to Preferred Customers or Customers. The only way to ensure your product is an authentic Olive Tree People product that meets our quality standards is to buy our products directly from an independent Olive Tree People consultant or at We cannot guarantee the quality, safety or authenticity of products purchased through other outlets such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Allegro, Kijiji or Gumtree. Products sold through these websites are diverted and therefore may be watered down, expired, out of date or counterfeit. In addition, these products may have been previously used and may not be safe to use or perform as tested. Olive Tree people is unable to provide a product warranty or process product returns for purchases made through an unauthorized reseller