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You don't know where to start?

welcome to olive tree sound bath

No matter which one you choose, the only thing that matters is your well-being and your smile.

single CLASS

$29.95 per class

The olive tree guided meditation class, lasting 45 minutes, offers participants a serene journey of relaxation and inner peace amid the soothing imagery of an ancient grove, promoting stress reduction and mental rejuvenation. By immersing in the gentle guidance of the olive tree meditation, attendees can experience enhanced mindfulness and a deeper connection with nature, fostering a sense of harmony within themselves.

vew all classes

30 days Membership

$99.95 per 30 days

With the 30-day membership to the olive tree guided meditation sound bath, customers gain unlimited access to all classes.

Additionally, members can benefit from the convenience of accessing real time olive tree sound bath 24/7 and recorded meditation classes, enabling them to deepen their practice, maintain consistency, and foster a lasting connection with nature's tranquility, promoting overall well-being throughout the entire duration of their membership.

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