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You don't know where to start?

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Set yourself up for success by purchasing bundles with a deep savings exclusively available during enrollment! These sets are composed of our best performing products curated just for you. Mix and match sets to create your perfect start. No quantity limit.

*Starter Sets are only available during Enrollment

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Why invest in a Starter Set?

Personal Trial

Familiarize yourself with the product line.


Let your clients and members give the products a test run.

Host Events

Curate a beautiful display and allow your guests to interact with the products.


Facial Glow Consultant Starter Set

3 full-size waterless bestseller products with 30% savings
Serum Face, Face Cream and Eye Cream


30% savings

Glow From The Inside Out Starter Set

7 full-size waterless bestseller products with 30% savings
Inside Elixirs x 3, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mouth Oil Cure x 3 and Olive Matcha


29% savings

Healing Olive Facial Glow Starter Set

7 full-size waterless bestseller products with 35% savings
Cleanser Gel, Face Mask, Serum Face, Face Oil Serum, Face Cream, Eye Cream and Eye Elixir


34% savings

Holistic Beauty Inside and Out Starter Set

16 full-size waterless bestseller products with 40% savings
Cleanser Gel, Face Peeling, Face Mask, Serum Face x 2, Face Oil Serum, Midnight Face Elixir, Face Cream x 2, Eye Cream, Eye Elixir, Lip Balm, Inside Elixirs x 2, Mouth Oil Cure, Hand Cream


-60400% savings
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