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005 DOPE your immune power INTERNAL ELIXIR

005 DOPE your immune power INTERNAL ELIXIR

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olea europaea (olive) extract, 1,68% camu camu, carrier substance: apple juice concentrate, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, cannabidiol. preservative: potassium sorbate.


This drinkable treatment pack combines hydroxytyrosol and hemp - a powerful defense against many infectious viruses and harmful environmental influences. The fresh hydroxytyrosol and hemp act as a real protective shield, while at the same time preventing premature skin aging. With the concentrated vitality of the olive tree in this bottle and the hemp, you not only increase your well-being, you also experience harmonization between body and mind. The addition of the world‘s most vitamin C-rich fruit, the camu camu, creates a synergy of taste and effect. 


Shake well before use. Take 2 pipettes or 1 teaspoon straight or together with juices (e.g. with freshly squeezed orange juice) 2-3 times before meals. Up to 10 ml a day. Children from 2 years of age take half of the recommended daily dose for adults, up to 5 ml per day.

What do we stand for?

We never put water first, as is the case with traditional emulsions. Our emulsion builds up entirely without water, which is why the Olea Europaea cell elixir comes first for us. However, water can be contained elsewhere in the INCI’s as a breakdown from other ingredients of the respective product beyond the emulsion base.

If fragrances are also used, then only a composition of essential oils is used. According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, these are then summarized under the generic term perfume in the INCIS. Plant allergens such as linalool have to be shown separately according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation. In principle, LA DOPE avoids all kinds of synthetic fragrances.

Our products are vegan except for those in which we use honey from our own bees and our I66 Beauty Fountain with collagen peptides.

All our products are part of our Holistic Cycle. We protect overgrown mountain olive trees and extract from them the unique and most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant hydroxytyrosol with which we create transformations of the skin and the entire lifestyle, and we bring the water that is not in our products to the people of Africa by digging wells there build.

Our products are made in Germany with the raw materials from our own organically certified mountain olive trees. Our products are all bio active and organic. Our products are cruelty free.

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Meike Lackmann

Tastes good only positive