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BEAUTY, that comes from within

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I66 The Beauty Fountain
I66 The Beauty Fountain
I66 The Beauty Fountain
I66 The Beauty Fountain


Collagen The Beauty Fountain

Artikelnummer:   41110
Holistic anti-aging power and cell protection at the highest level.
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This beauty drink combines the Olive Tree Therapy, which is based on the highly effective antioxidant Hydroxytyrosol, with bioactive collagen peptides to create a one of a kind active ingredient complex that changes wrinkles into glow! OLIVEDA - beauty that comes from within and shines onto the outside.


Shake the bottle before use. In the morning or between meals take a measuring cup of 17.5 ml. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. An application is recommended for at least 6 to 10 weeks. Do not store above 25 degrees Celsius. Please refrigerate after opening bottle.


aqueous extract of olive extract (olea europaea), collagen peptide, apple juice concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, hydroxytyrosol, zinc citrat, Camu Camu fruit extract 4:1 (myrciaria dubia, contains 25% vitamin C), D-biotin. Preservative: potassium sorbat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Laura Kiely

I66 The Beauty Fountain


great product and customer service

Galand Shepard
Wow is all I can say

Recently purchase I66 and I69 and F75 from the website and a product bundle from a shopping network. African American female, 57, fairly nice skin and have been taking care of my skin but wanted to move away from the chemical products. I am so happy to have discovered these products and learn about the history of the product.
Just a couple of days to use the beauty fountain -very nice drink have noticed my eyes seem brighter and whiter. Appetite feels cut in half, just pleasant to drink. The lip balm is nourishing on my lips and feel as tho they are being redefined. The mouth oil is really taking some time to adjust too, but each day I’m able to withstand the oil effect in my mouth mouth does feel very refreshed, not long enough yet to fully appreciate the product.

I am so happy to connect with a product so natural and connected to nature like myself finding balance with god and nature. The packaging was beautiful and the product book so helpful and the personalized note that came with my purchase just so touching. Never felt so so much care that has gone into a product ever.

Birka Lau

Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Die Produkte (egal welche) machen mich einfach nur glücklich.

Katharina Lohof
Great decision!

After I was looking for something new in terms of natural cosmetics face care I came across Oliveda and did not regret it.