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You don't know where to start?

Your Enrollment Kit

Your Enrollment Kit sets the groundwork for your OLIVE TREE PEOPLE business.

This kit is a required purchase for all new Waterless Beauty Consultants.


waterless beauty Consultant Enrollment Kit

Your Digital Enrollment Kit grants you access to everything you need to jump-start your business.

This includes:

  • Your personal website
  • Behind the Counter (this is your back office)
  • Your customized training platform

This is included when you enroll:

Your Personal

You earn when someone shops with you and you also can assist and communicate over your personal website.

Healing Olive Tree Sound Bath (real time)

Share the healing frequency with everyone for free. You will reach out and attract many people on this amazing and world wide unique way.

OliveBrain Regimen Builder

OliveBrain helps determine exactly the products your customers may need by analyzing millions of data points from their personal profile.

Waterless Beauty Training

Our online Training Platform and support team will help you build your Waterless Beauty Business.


Dashboard for managing your sales, marketing, your organization and your earnings.


We will support you with our experienced customer service team to reach your goals.