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You don't know where to start?

Introducing the OTP Blog: Your go-to resource for waterless beauty

Introducing the OTP Blog: Your go-to resource for waterless beauty

If you're reading this blogpost, we want to begin by extending a heartfelt Welcome!

Some of you may be Waterless Beauty Consultants, here to deepen your understanding of our products and gain valuable tips to share with your community. Some of you may be customers, interested in learning more about what our brand stands for. And some of you may be completely new to waterless skincare. Whether you heard about us from a friend or discovered our story on social media, we're glad you're here!

*Fun fact for the newcomers: Our ancient mountain olive trees not only help treat imbalanced skin and gut microbiome, they also speak to us every day through powerful frequencies. Yes, that’s right… we communicate with our trees!

Before we dive a little more into the origins of OLIVE TREE PEOPLE, here are some of the benefits we hope you gain from reading this blog:

Quick and easy answers  Learn more about our ingredients and what differentiates our waterless products from others on the market. 

Practical guidance, advice, and tips  Get firsthand insights straight from our experts to help you build your own holistic beauty routine. 

Inspiration and connection  Be a part of our beautiful community.

Important updates  Don't miss our events, new product announcements, and industry news.  

    Now, for the abridged version of our story!

    Thomas Lommel, Founder OLIVE TREE PEOPLE

    Did you know, our very first product, I01 ORAC & CAMU CAMU OLIVE LEAF CONCENTRATE, was born from years of research and deep exploration by our founder, Thomas Lommel?

    Realizing his personal health was in jeopardy, Thomas decided to make some major life changes and pursue his longtime curiosity about the healing power of olive trees. What began as curiosity quickly turned into fascination, and the olive trees became entwined in Thomas' whole sense of self. He was speaking to the trees, asking the trees questions, and essentially bathing in olive oil.

    Soon after Thomas healed himself with hydroxytyrosol, a powerful olive leaf extract found in all of our products, he became determined to share the magic of the trees with others.  

    “At the lowest point of my life, [the trees] suddenly appeared and gave me my confidence back…. They taught me that we are intertwined with everything and that only together can we become whole.... Through them, I was blessed to experience that the happiness we ALL strive for always originates from our roots and the exploration of our own nature. And the voice within our heart will guide our path in moments of silence. I owe the olive trees the way back to life.”

    – Thomas Lommel, Founder of OLIVE TREE PEOPLE

    Fast forward a few years. Thomas bought his first olive grove in Arroyomolinos De Leon, Spain, where he built his legendary treehouse and developed our first elixir. The story doesn’t end there, but like we said, this is the abridged version. ☺

    Today, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE is so much more than beautiful skincare products.

    OLIVE TREE PEOPLE is an inspiring community. We are wellness seekers. We are lovers of nature. We are in-tune with our bodies and the way we feel. Above all else, we believe that what we put on our skin – our body’s largest organ – is vital to our health and our beauty. Information is power, and we are a team of empowered people.

    OLIVE TREE PEOPLE is holistic. From waterless skincare, to immunity-boosting ingestibles and sound bath meditation, our approach is considered the Mediterranean Aryuveda. Each of our products aims to heal the body and mind, from the inside out.

    In addition to what we sell, the means by which we make our products is also holistic. The unused water we replace with hydroxytyrosol is not only used to protect and preserve our ancient mountain olive trees, but it is also brought to villages in Africa that are in need. Learn more about OLIVEDA for Africa.

    OLIVE TREE PEOPLE is From Tree to Beauty. 

    Everything – from the first drop of olive oil to the wonderful elixir from the olive leaves and holistic cosmetics, right up to a healthy and conscious way of life for every day is the result of the power of the olive trees and the products we have developed, which are true miracles of nature in their holistic efficacy.

    In the coming weeks, make sure to check back with us for important terms and concepts defined, insightful interviews, inspiring firsthand stories, powerful research, and much more. New articles will be published every week on the Olive Tree People website.

    And please, don’t be shy about messaging us or commenting on our social media posts with new topics you want to learn about. We love hearing from you!