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The Future of Beauty: How Waterless is Shaping the Industry

The Future of Beauty: How Waterless is Shaping the Industry

In an article published back in 2020 by British VOGUE — one of the world's most influential beauty publications — people are looking for healthier, more sustainable alternatives when it comes to cosmetics. As a result, there has been a noticeable shift towards waterless skincare products. From cleansers to moisturizers, brands are increasingly offering formulas that eliminate water as a primary ingredient.

With all the hype, this begs the question: 
Is waterless skincare merely a trend, or does it represent the future of beauty? 

Being the fastest-growing waterless beauty brand in the United States, we’re here to explain what exactly waterless means, how it differs from conventional skincare brands, and its potential to reshape the entire beauty landscape.

Understanding Waterless Skincare

Waterless skincare refers specifically to products without the use of water as a base ingredient. Why remove water? Because water requires preservatives to prevent microbial growth, uphold its appearance, and maintain a neutral odor. Unfortunately, when you apply water-based products to your skin, you’re also introducing harmful chemicals, often leading to inflammation, redness, acne, and other issues. While water-based products may seem like a better value due to their perceived freshness over time, they could actually be perpetuating your skin concerns.

On the other hand, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE waterless skincare replaces up to 70% of the water found in mainstream brands (including expensive ones) with a powerful beauty molecule called Hydroxytyrosol. This, along with the 25% bio-active Arbequina oil we use (instead of processed oils found in other brands) makes our products 3,000X more concentrated, and therefore 3,000X more effective at nourishing your skin. The difference is HUGE and the results are undeniable.

3 Benefits of Waterless Skincare

Potency: Without water, preservatives and other fillers diluting an emulsion, your skin absorbs only natural ingredients. At OLIVE TREE PEOPLE, our two key ingredients are Hydroxytyrosol and Bio-active Arbequina Oil, both extracted naturally from our ancient mountain olive trees in Spain.

Customization: Regardless of your skin concerns – whether its inflammation, hyperpigmentation, dryness, oiliness, acne breakouts – bio-active ingredients are ideal for all skin types. Don't believe us? Ask our OliveBrain, a data-driven quiz designed to tailor the perfect combination of products for your unique skin goals. 


Sustainability: Waterless skincare minimizes the need for preservatives and packaging, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. At OLIVE TREE PEOPLE, we also recycle the water not used in our products to preserve our ancient mountain olive trees and bring water wells to Africa. Learn more about our OLIVEDA for Africa project.

A Few Concerns About Waterless

Texture and Absorption: Some consumers may find the texture of waterless skincare to be thicker or oilier compared to traditional water-based formulas, leading to concerns about absorption and comfort.

F71 Corrective Cleansing GelIt's true, there can be a heavier feeling to some of the creams, serums and cleansers we make at OLIVE TREE PEOPLE. Our corrective line, for example, features products like:

Each of these products feels thicker due to a higher concentration of Hydroxytorosol. But rather than your skin absorbing a bunch of "dead" oils and water, it's being saturated with a wealth of nutrients and vitamins essential for its replenishment, rejuvenation and repair.

Education and Awareness: Many consumers are still unfamiliar with the concept of waterless skincare and may require education about its benefits and application techniques. Also true! Luckily, we provide daily in-depth information including visual breakdowns of our ingredients, product recommendations for different skin types, valuable application techniques, and real-life customer reviews. Stay informed by following us on Instagram at @olivedaofficial and @olivetreepeople, and continue to read the OTP Blog for insightful interviews, advice from our leadership, and more.

If you’re interested in attending a LIVE session on what differentiates OTP from other water-based products, as well as how to incorporate waterless skincare into your daily regimen, we offer one monthly Waterless Beauty Masterclass for all of our customers and consultants. Led by an amazing holistic esthetician, this 1-hour interactive course is an excellent opportunity to learn how, and in which order, to apply different products for the best results, as well as recommended products for different skin concerns. Be on the lookout for our next Masterclass in May! 

Formulation Complexity: Creating effective waterless skincare formulas requires expertise in ingredient selection and formulation techniques. At Olive Tree People, our unique formula is made with two key ingredients: hydroxytyrosol and bio-active Arbequina oil, which we extract directly from our ancient mountain olive trees in Spain. From there, the ingredients are shipped to our lab in Germany, where each emulsion is mixed, bottled and packaged.

Our production process is extremely meticulous, partly because the ingredients we use are sourced ONLY from our olive groves, and partly because we NEVER use synthetic fillers, preservatives or stabilizers in any of our products – all of which can be found in water-based skincare.

Is Waterless Skincare Here to Stay? 

While waterless skincare is experiencing a surge in popularity, some still consider it a niche trend and question whether it will sustain long-term in the beauty industry.

If you ask us, we believe there is tremendous potential for waterless to shape the future of the beauty industry. Especially as consumers increasingly scrutinize ingredient lists and demand clean, eco-conscious products, waterless perfectly aligns with the shift towards mindful consumption

Another reason why waterless is the future of beauty? Because it's moving the industry in a positive direction in regards to environmental conservation. The beauty industry has long been criticized for its excessive water usage and contribution to pollution through wastewater discharge. By embracing waterless formulas, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE is significantly reducing our water footprint and minimizing the environmental impact of our products.

A third indicator that waterless is the future of beauty is its benefits for your skin! By eliminating water and other fillers, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE products have 3,000X more bio-active ingredients. This means your skin is absorbing 3,000X more nutrients and vitamins essential to giving you an all-natural glow.

Taking all of this into account, perhaps the most compelling aspect of waterless skincare is its potential to inspire systemic change within the beauty industry.

At OLIVE TREE PEOPLE, we genuinely believe humans could not exist without nature. Think about it… trees can live for thousands of years without humans, but humans could not live for even 1 day without trees. We feel it is not just our duty, but a big part of our company’s mission, to care for the earth. We aim to educate consumers about the power of the trees and the remarkable impact they can have on our skin and our mental health when we work in synergy together. We hope everyone reading this blog post feels empowered to take back control of your purchasing power and support brands like ours that preserve, rather than deplete, nature’s purest resources.

Looking ahead, we like to imagine how amazing it could be to have a beauty industry where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. A future where every product reflects our commitment to preserving the planet for generations to come. 

It’s difficult to predict anything these days, but one thing is certain: waterless skincare is making waves in the beauty world. We believe it’s more than just a buzzword – it’s a revolutionary concept that’s shaping the future of beauty and an opportunity to redefine beauty as a force for good.